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Soil Moisture Active Passive Experiment

Advanced Microwave Scanning Radiometers 2 (AMSR-2)

The AMSR-2 sensor is a passive microwave radiometer operating at 7 channels ranging from 6.925 to 89.0GHz, with an additional channel at 7.3GHz for RFI mitigation compared with its predecessor AMSR-E. Both horizontally and vertically polarized radiation are measured at each frequency with a nominal incidence angle of 55°. The ground spatial resolution at nadir is 62km × 35km for the 6.925GHz and 7.3GHz channels (C-band). The AMSR-2 is on board GCOM-W1 satellite, which was launched on 18th May 2012. It has a 1:30am/pm equator crossing orbit with 1-2 day repeat coverage. Several surface soil moisture products are available globally. AMSR-2 high frequency data with a resolution as high as 3km x 5km will be tested to downscale space-borne L-band brightness temperature observations and soil moisture products. AMSR-2 brightness temperature data can be downloaded free of charge.

The features of Aquarius are summarized below.






Launch date

18th, May, 2012

Scan and rate

Conical scan at 40 rpm

Offset parabola with 2m dia
Frequency (GHz)
H, V
Incidence angle(°)
Nomina 55.
Swath (km)






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