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SMAPEx-4 Archive
Soil Moisture Active Passive Experiment

Campaign Shape Files

A subset of available shapefiles that might be helpful for further analysis and the list is given below. You can download the listed shapefiles from Download Centre:

  • Sampling area
    • Flight area for Aquarius
    • Flight area for SMAP
    • Ground sampling area
    • SMAP footprint
    • Aquarius footprint
    • SMOS footprint
  • Monitoring networks
    • OzNet monitoring sites
    • SMAPEx stations
    • Supplementary stations
  • Soil Moisture sampling (HDAS points)
  • Roads
  • Locations for PRC
  • Land use
  • Farm information
  • Boundary
  • Background images


Created: February 2016
Last Modified: June 2016
Maintainer: Xiaoling Wu, xiaoling.wu@monash.edu