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Soil Moisture Active Passive Experiment

Thermal Infrared data (TIR)

Sensor box with 12 multi-spectral sensors (two upper rows) and 6 thermal infrared sensors (bottom row)

Thermal Infrared sensor

During the airborne data acquisition there were 6 thermal infrared radiometers (top picture: bottom row sensors) with additional 12 multi-spectral sensors operational (top picture: first 2 rows of sensors). The thermal infrared radiometers used are the 8.0 to 14.0μm Everest Interscience 3800ZL with 15°FOV and 0-5 V output (-40°C to 100°C). The six TIR sensors are installed at the same incidence angles as PLMR (±7°, ±21.5° and ±38.5°), so as to give coincident footprints with the PLMR observations. The nominal relationship between voltage and temperature is given by the manufacturer as V = 1.42857 + (0.03571428×T).


Created: February 2016
Last Modified: April 2016
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